Little engine that could

Tami Lynn wrote:

I just started seeing a guy that has a weird habit and I’d like to know if you think its normal or not.  His habit?  Talking himself into peeing in the bathroom.  Yes, like a pep talk.  He will stand there and mumble things like, “You can do it” and “There you go buddy”.  He doesn’t realize that its loud enough to hear though and I just happened to catch his pregame speech while walking by the bathroom one night.  Since then, I have been curious and have been basically spying when he heads to the bathroom.  He does it every time.  We haven’t had sex yet, and its mainly because of this weird flaw.

Is it normal for guys to talk to their penis?

Tami Lynn

Tami Lynn,
I wouldn’t say its normal.  Now, this guy may have prostate issues, a strange kind of stage fright if he’s peeing outside of his home, or some other thing to consider, but I can’t understand why he just wouldn’t keep that stuff to himself rather than talking out loud. Maybe he has a tiny elf living in his the Travelocity guy.  You will get hot and heavy one day when all of a sudden this little guy in a red cap will pop out and say, “Hello chap!”  Eesh..

I’d let him know you overheard it and ask him more about it when he feels comfortable discussing it.  We all have our unique traits and this may be one.  After you chat (with him..not his penis), you need to decide if this is something you find endearing or if its something you’re just enduring.

Good luck!