Wedding one.

I went to a wedding this weekend (my fiancée’s side) and had a blast observing all of the couples. 

I notice things that most people don’t.  I see movements people make, hear words people choose, and watch interactions very closely because people have always fascinated me.  Weddings are a particularly great place to see things and really watch people out of their normal routine.  I even danced at this wedding (yes, fast AND slow..shocker, huh?) so even I was out of my normal routine.

How we show love is different for everyone.  Whether it’s a father showing he cares for his daughter in the words he uses while talking to her, if it’s a couple sharing a slow dance while juggling their daughter or son, or even if its a two people sharing a kiss while dancing to a song they danced to while dating 40 years ago, love is just as easy to spot as it is to miss.  We sometimes get lost on our journey of love because  miss the signs.  My first bit of advice:  If you realize you’re off course, it’s never too late to stop and ask for direction.

The married couple had an elaborate story about how they met, dated, and got engaged, but what was even more impressive is how they tackled the wedding night chaos…as a team.  I saw them interacting with each other and thought to myself, “These two have been married less than a day and they just get it.  They just know how it works.”

It was also nice to meet more of my fiancée’s family and have more time to chat.  I am beginning to understand where she gets her fiery spirit, her sense of reason…and her need to dance wherever the music moves her.  My second bit of advice: Listen to the words a father uses when he talks about his daughter.  Those words explain exactly how you should treat her.

She and I walked just over a mile back to our room from the wedding (we had some drinks, so it felt like 5 miles) and we laughed and joked around the whole time. Moments like that make me realize how lucky I am to have found her.  Details are blurry on our post-wedding walk, but I do remember crossing the Hennepin bridge ..and stopping for a kiss.  It made my entire night.

My third bit of advice to everyone: Always stop for a kiss from the one you love.  Always.