Work …out

Stephen wrote:

Hi Sean. I was wondering how your fitness quest is coming along? Have any tips for those of us that are just getting started?


I can give some general guidance, but without knowing your goals, I can’t be very precise. I have 5 basic tips and I will be posting more on Twitter today so check the Twitter feed on the side of the blog.

1. Protein up. You will need extra protein to reach your goals.

2. Watch your snacking. When your metabolism rises, you may feel an urge to snack more. Avoid it by drinking a glass of ice water when you feel like snacking.

3. Take advantage of any “free” training. If your gym gives you one or two free sessions, sign up and learn from them. If anything, its info you can use to push yourself.

4. Stay disciplined. You have a goal..its your job to hit it.

5. Don’t let minor soreness set you back. If you’ve just started working out, you may be sore the day after a workout (even if you stretch). Don’t let it keep you from heading back to the gym.

You can reach your goals! Good luck Stephen!