Jason wrote:
I have a dilemma. There is a girl at work that I really like, but she has one HUGE flaw, which is she’s “country”. I am talking tight wranglers, hat, saying “howdy” type of country. She’d be perfect, but I am totally not into the country type. She isn’t even from the country either-she grew up in Denver. Anyway, how do I tell her I would be totally into her if she dressed normally?


You don’t. What if you had a huge ass? What if you were absolutely perfect but had an ass like a rhino? Would you like if if some woman came up to you and told you she would like you better if your ass was smaller? I know I wouldn’t. If you like someone (and I mean truly like them), you like them for who they are and what they have to don’t like them for what you’d like them to be. If you can’t appreciate this woman for who she is, it would better if you just stay over “yonder” and keep your opinions to yourself. Yee haw.