Two in the canoe..

So my fiancee took me canoeing on the St Croix today. It was a three mile canoe trip coupled with lunch, a swim across the river, and some rock jumping, and it was fantastic.

The lesson to be learned from two people in a canoe is: communication is essential to work as a team. She and I paddled against the wind for the second half of our journey and it was shoulder crampingly tough..but we made it. When she needed help on one side, she asked for it. When I needed to relax a moment, she took over. When we were drifting toward rocks or trees, one of us let the other one know of the danger. A couple that can’t communicate, a couple that can’t ask each other for help, and a couple that can’t keep each other out of trouble is a couple that won’t last long.

We were successful on our trip. We had some laughs, we climbed on and jumped from rocks, but most of all, we saw some beautiful scenery while enjoying each other’s company. The drive back was a long one. We are sore, sunburned, and stinky. Well, I am..she is showering. I will be asleep early tonight, that’s for sure.