Cyanne wrote,


A guy I am dating has a unique issue: he gets nauseous by certain sights and smells and can even vomit if he is around them too long. Lets use pizza as an example (even though he is fine with that). If it were on tv, he would groan. If he saw it, he’d visibly gag. If he was in front of it, he’d have to run or he’d puke. At first, I thought it was something I could handle, but he has so many sensitivities that it’s a big problem. I can’t even take him home for fear he’ll spew on my family.

Do I just walk away from this one, or what can I do here? Have you ever heard of this?



I have encountered this on a smaller scale in the past. Someone I went to school with was sickened by the smell of coffee. She even vomited one time while sitting next to another classmate.

If you really like this guy, try to help him find a medical or holistic fix for this issue. You shouldn’t be afraid to take him home to the family. Maybe a psychologist could help if it is deemed a mental issue.
I tried looking for articles on this subject and didn’t find much beyond what I just recommended, so maybe a medical professional can unlock some options.

I hope it works out. If not, buy your family some rain suits and see how it goes.