..with a kid.

I saw a child crying at the gas station this morning because, according to the attendant, his mother (idiot) forgot him there. Now, my parents will deny this, but they forgot to come and get me (or just fell asleep at home and didn’t wake up in time) at a city high school dance once, but I was in high school and not an infant or toddler. Stupid parents are the that knowingly make stupid decisions that affect their children. After having a discussion about “stupid parents” with someone I work with, I was inspired to write.

There are parenting classes out there that teach things like cpr and diaper changing, but where are the classes to train the “stupid parents” on how to handle being a parent? Classes on situations (“you’ve been invited to the bar, do you take your newborn?”), classes on health (“mountain dew is NOT a substitute for breast milk” and “why smoking in a car with a child is bad”), and classes on basics (“letting your child run loose in the car is unsafe and makes you look like a trashy douche”) would help the “stupid” population immensely. I also feel that ending shows that glorify stupid parents (toddlers in tiaras, honey boo boo, etc) would be a step in the right direction because it would be an end to parents seeking riches for being trashy, fame-obsessed parents.

In all practicality, these things may never happen. We may always have stupid parents that do stupid things because they don’t think like normal people. Luckily, we have laws to weed them out and to teach them lessons like “why it’s not okay to bring your 2 year old to a strip club” and “kids are not safe locked in a hot car for a few minutes on a hot day while you buy your vodka”.