Internal DJ

Ben wrote:

You haven’t posted any music posts lately, what are you listening to these days?


I have been listening to a ton of new music lately. I’ll list them below and include any videos I can find as well:

Sunlounger- One of my all time favorite downtempo DJs. He makes music that feels like the end of summer. I imagine warm nights and a drink with a view of the lake/ocean.

Coheed and Cambria-Just plain awesome. They have a new album in stores in October.

I also love the Killers and have really been digging their new album Battle Born.

I like Walk the Moon, Blondfire, and Breaking Laces..

I like Delta Spirit, Gaslight Anthem’s new album, and Grouplove.

One band I can’t stand?  Mumford and Sons.  I think they sound like a crappy, high school hipster band playing in a school gym at a school for hipsters (think of the school from X-Men only with more canvas shoes and vegan cookbooks..and twice the price, because hipsters pay more for crap).  Mumford makes me want to slap the next guy I see wearing a cardigan and throw his IPhone in a lake (Lake Harriet of course, because that’s the hipster lake).  End of rant.

So there you have it.  Music I am listening to and one band I’m clearly not.