Astar334 wrote:

I am a guy, so hopefully that helps what I am about to say.

Is it still common practice to line a public toilet seat with tp before going to the bathroom? I say this because I rarely see guys doing this anymore and I feel like the only one still doing it. Did I miss a memo?


I certainly don’t think you’re the only one, but I DO think it is less common these days. It came around in the early 80s, reached its prime in the 90s, but with the invention of antimicrobial toilet lid sprays and soaps, tp covering has gone the way of the white buffalo. Let’s see what the other readers think..

Personally, I have a thing with public bathrooms and would rather “hold it” and drive 50 miles to a cleaner bathroom at a Target rather than use a scummy gas station bathroom…but that’s just me. My motto is, if I wouldn’t change a diaper in the bathroom, I wouldn’t use it myself.



What’s the difference between a hose and a river?

A friend of mine posted on her Facebook page, ” What is the difference between being in a serious dating relationship versus being in a marriage?”  I was inspired to answer, so here it goes.

At the very least, a marriage is a legal or religious contract between the couple and and state or religious figures involved (family and witnesses too, in most cases), but I think it’s much more than that.  A marriage is a combination of two lives coming together, like two rivers joining.  What was once a single source of movement becomes a more powerful joined movement (legally and religiously) and everything tying it together is now joined.  There is no more mine and yours..marriage makes all burdens, efforts, celebrations and losses, “ours”.  Marriage is forever, despite what divorce rates may tell you, and it’s sad to see people are seeing it as more of a glorified relationship than a permanent bond.

Marriage has changed over the centuries.  Where a man could simply choose, then cast aside his wife in biblical times with no ceremony (just a dowry, usually), marriage has evolved into a ceremonial union recognized by both religious and legal aspects and is now beat all, end all, union for people wanting to spend their lives together.

Could you do that in a relationship?  Yes, you could do SOME of that in a relationship.  A hose puts out water, but it’s no river.  A river is powerful, nearly eternal, and ever moving…a hose is on when you need it and off when you don’t.  A relationship may be “serious” between two people, but unless you’re tying together family, your religious figures, and your state/nationally recognized legal system, it’s has no support system and can easily crumble.  Your collective family, your god and religious figures, your friends, and your courts are your support system and can help you repair even deep errors made in a marriage (should they be made), while a relationship issue usually involves separate counseling and discussions with different family members and absolutely no solidarity.

What I am essentially trying to say is that a “serious” relationship is never serious.  If it were “serious”, it’d be a marriage.


Bryce wrote,
I have gone on two dates with a woman that I am very attracted to. Her only flaw is that she drinks from a beer bottle like she is a calf sucking on a teat. It looks absolutely ridiculous. How do I approach this with her without looking like an a-hole?


People have bad habits. I know women that have no problem blowing snot out of their nose in the shower, I know men that itch their balls in public, and kids that wipe greasy fingers on furniture. The key to correcting it is to make the person first know that it makes you uncomfortable (but do it nicely), and then find a way to correct the behavior. Maybe she was never shown how to drink from a bottle of beer (does she do pop like that too?)…maybe its a habit she developed..or (god forbid) she thinks it’s sexy to you.

Just talk to her. Be polite and it should go well.


Pictures of you.

Laurie wrote,

I know you listen to KS95 so I am hoping you heard the issue today where a guy found pictures of his girlfriend and her ex in some risque shots on her computer. Needless to say, KS95 DJs were complete assholes and angled things to make it seem like not a bad thing to keep pictures of an ex, but I think it’s dirty.   What do you think?  Should it be okay for someone to keep pictures of their ex?..especially risque ones?


This is a big grey area with many couples. I will tell you now that I did not hear that piece today. Ever since KS95 let Trey Barber go, it isn’t worth listening to. In my opinion, Shannon is an idiot (though a nice one) and Ryan is a pompous douchebag with an Egypt fetish.

DJ opinions aside, let me get started on answering your question for what it is. You’re asking if I feel if it is okay for someone to keep pictures of their ex (especially risque ones). My answer is a firm NO, but with a few stipulations:

1. Prom pics and random group pics in which an ex may be present are okay.

2. Risque pictures and romantic cuddling pictures are not okay.

3. Solo pictures of exes are not okay.

4. If you’re seeing someone and its not serious, these rules don’t apply.

Why do I feel this way? You will have a tough time moving forward on the road of life if you keep staring in the rearview mirror. I ask myself this question when in a serious relationship: What does this picture have to do with who I am with now and could it possibly affect future efforts?

If you don’t know why you kept the picture (or if it’s in a book that collects dust), get rid of it. If it is a “spank bank” picture of an ex, get rid of it. If it’s a solo posed shot or if it’s a romantic/risque pic of the two of you, get rid of it. He or she is an ex for a reason..there is no good that will come from remembering that person and who you used to be while with them.

That said, I plan on cleansing old picture albums when I get home.  If I forgot to toss a few, they’ll be gone tonight.



Out of sync..

To those of you looking for a tablet, beware..

Unless you buy the overpriced iPad, you can’t download iTunes to an Android (or Windows tablet..yet) to sync your iPod or iTunes.

Is it the fault of Android or Windows developers? No, its Apple’s refusal to get their heads out of their Appley asses long enough to realize they are alienating an increasing number of customers by not offering a tablet app for iTunes outside of ipads. As more and more users shift to Android and Windows tablets that offer better functionality and cheaper prices, Apple seems to be holding on to the idea that people will need to sync their iTunes and they will gravitate back to Apple. However, in a world where users can put and play music on their phones, how much longer will Apple hold out, knowing users can easily move files out of iTunes and place them into google music players or Xbox Music (formerly Zune) software?

Don’t return your Android or Windows tablets if they don’t offer iTunes..just ditch your iPod and use your phone or other MP3 player. There are a ton of tutorials online to help you get started. Its time to take a bite out of Apple.

Moving truck

Alivia wrote:


I have been dating this guy for three weeks and he keeps calling his ex.  They broke up a week before we got together, so I clearly see they’re not over, but he’s a really nice guy and I don’t want him to leave me.  I make him let me see his phone every time we’re together and I made him give me the password to his email, but I still worry he’s contacting her and deleting his trail.  What do I do?




Think of life like a moving truck.  We have our lives all loaded inside and we’re constantly moving from one place to another.  Along the journey, things will move, things will fall and break, and stuff will get scratched.  We could spend our whole lives fastening everything down and wrapping everything up and gluing everything to the walls or floors in an attempt to keep everything in order, but chances are, we’d constantly be fixing things, we’d worry when we hit a bump or heard a knock,  and we’d never get moved.

Constantly controlling other people is not the way to keep people in your life.  You need to realize that people are free to go where they please and do what they want, and the only two things you can do is be the best person you can be and let them realize you care about them. Love them unconditionally, ask them for honesty and trust, and if they can’t provide that, then it’s time to let them go out of your life.  Personally, with you demanding that he allow you “inspections” of his phone and you snooping through his email, I’m surprised he’s still around.  I’d say the damage has been done here and you need to let him figure his things out and you need to be alone until you learn to trust people more.