Too close

MdMan wrote:

I have been working with a woman for almost 11 years. I will admit, I was initially attracted to her, but after late nights, sweating and farting/burping around each other during 16 hour shifts (we’re security guards), I lost interest. Surprisingly enough, she didn’t! She confessed to me the other day that she’s liked me for the better part of the last decade and she said she wanted to see if something could happen between us.

Needless to say, I said I had to think about it.  I mean, we’ve been friends for so long that I can’t really see being anything more than that.  Plus, I’ve seen her sweaty.  I don’t like women being sweaty.  What do I do here?  Do I give in and see where things go or do I let her down and possibly lose her friendship?




Women sweat…you should know this by now.  It’s nothing gross.  Burping and farting around each other?  I would be willing to bet that a dozen (or more) married couples I know regularly burp or fart around each other.  It’s not like they fan them into each other’s face (well, most of them don’t..), but they just let things happen naturally.  If you’ve been friends for almost ten years, I’d say there is nothing wrong with “giving in” and seeing where things go.  All great relationships start with friendship as a base.  You’ve set the groundwork, now build up from there.  If you REALLY don’t want to be with this woman, then let her down nicely, but I’ll say this:

I don’t know what you’re expecting from a woman, but if you’re looking for one that doesn’t burp, fart, OR sweat, I’d say you’d be better off with a blow up doll.