Out of sync..

To those of you looking for a tablet, beware..

Unless you buy the overpriced iPad, you can’t download iTunes to an Android (or Windows tablet..yet) to sync your iPod or iTunes.

Is it the fault of Android or Windows developers? No, its Apple’s refusal to get their heads out of their Appley asses long enough to realize they are alienating an increasing number of customers by not offering a tablet app for iTunes outside of ipads. As more and more users shift to Android and Windows tablets that offer better functionality and cheaper prices, Apple seems to be holding on to the idea that people will need to sync their iTunes and they will gravitate back to Apple. However, in a world where users can put and play music on their phones, how much longer will Apple hold out, knowing users can easily move files out of iTunes and place them into google music players or Xbox Music (formerly Zune) software?

Don’t return your Android or Windows tablets if they don’t offer iTunes..just ditch your iPod and use your phone or other MP3 player. There are a ton of tutorials online to help you get started. Its time to take a bite out of Apple.


2 thoughts on “Out of sync..

  1. ACTUALLY…. 😉

    I have a Dell Ultrabook, Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy 3S and was able to connect them all be using Easy Phone Sync and Easy Phone Tunes. Apps that are currently free.

  2. And there are some apps out there that will do SOME of the Itunes content, but files protected by DRM (like older downloads and movies downloaded from Itunes) won’t copy..which seems to be a growing issue. Thanks for your input though! This will come in handy for many people!

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