Pictures of you.

Laurie wrote,

I know you listen to KS95 so I am hoping you heard the issue today where a guy found pictures of his girlfriend and her ex in some risque shots on her computer. Needless to say, KS95 DJs were complete assholes and angled things to make it seem like not a bad thing to keep pictures of an ex, but I think it’s dirty.   What do you think?  Should it be okay for someone to keep pictures of their ex?..especially risque ones?


This is a big grey area with many couples. I will tell you now that I did not hear that piece today. Ever since KS95 let Trey Barber go, it isn’t worth listening to. In my opinion, Shannon is an idiot (though a nice one) and Ryan is a pompous douchebag with an Egypt fetish.

DJ opinions aside, let me get started on answering your question for what it is. You’re asking if I feel if it is okay for someone to keep pictures of their ex (especially risque ones). My answer is a firm NO, but with a few stipulations:

1. Prom pics and random group pics in which an ex may be present are okay.

2. Risque pictures and romantic cuddling pictures are not okay.

3. Solo pictures of exes are not okay.

4. If you’re seeing someone and its not serious, these rules don’t apply.

Why do I feel this way? You will have a tough time moving forward on the road of life if you keep staring in the rearview mirror. I ask myself this question when in a serious relationship: What does this picture have to do with who I am with now and could it possibly affect future efforts?

If you don’t know why you kept the picture (or if it’s in a book that collects dust), get rid of it. If it is a “spank bank” picture of an ex, get rid of it. If it’s a solo posed shot or if it’s a romantic/risque pic of the two of you, get rid of it. He or she is an ex for a reason..there is no good that will come from remembering that person and who you used to be while with them.

That said, I plan on cleansing old picture albums when I get home.  If I forgot to toss a few, they’ll be gone tonight.




2 thoughts on “Pictures of you.

  1. So what about Facebook then? Should I just go through and delete all of my pics with exes there? Should I untag myself? Technology sucks.

  2. I would certainly untag myself from pics with exes and I’d remove any pictures (following the stipulations I listed) that were in my albums. Again though, fun and group pictures are okay in my book, but anything more should go.

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