Bryce wrote,
I have gone on two dates with a woman that I am very attracted to. Her only flaw is that she drinks from a beer bottle like she is a calf sucking on a teat. It looks absolutely ridiculous. How do I approach this with her without looking like an a-hole?


People have bad habits. I know women that have no problem blowing snot out of their nose in the shower, I know men that itch their balls in public, and kids that wipe greasy fingers on furniture. The key to correcting it is to make the person first know that it makes you uncomfortable (but do it nicely), and then find a way to correct the behavior. Maybe she was never shown how to drink from a bottle of beer (does she do pop like that too?)…maybe its a habit she developed..or (god forbid) she thinks it’s sexy to you.

Just talk to her. Be polite and it should go well.