Astar334 wrote:

I am a guy, so hopefully that helps what I am about to say.

Is it still common practice to line a public toilet seat with tp before going to the bathroom? I say this because I rarely see guys doing this anymore and I feel like the only one still doing it. Did I miss a memo?


I certainly don’t think you’re the only one, but I DO think it is less common these days. It came around in the early 80s, reached its prime in the 90s, but with the invention of antimicrobial toilet lid sprays and soaps, tp covering has gone the way of the white buffalo. Let’s see what the other readers think..

Personally, I have a thing with public bathrooms and would rather “hold it” and drive 50 miles to a cleaner bathroom at a Target rather than use a scummy gas station bathroom…but that’s just me. My motto is, if I wouldn’t change a diaper in the bathroom, I wouldn’t use it myself.