Time to help.

I recently found out a friend of mine from high school is facing a battle with cancer.  I’ve known Kelly since I originally moved to South Dakota in 1989.  She and her family lived around the corner and down the block from my house, and she was also friends with many of the people I knew.  Over the years, she has always stood out in my mind as an outgoing, warm, and compassionate woman.  She was always welcoming and friendly to the people she met, and I admired those qualities in her.

I know times are tight, but I am asking for your help.  Donate to her cause and help her win this battle.  The site is here (more information on her cancer battle is there as well), and I am sure she would appreciate any help she can get.  Whether it’s $1, $10, or more, I hope you can help provide her with the resources she’ll need to win this fight.  You can list your name or you can give anonymously.  I hope you can help.  

Thank you for your generosity.