Hand me downs

Hgpld wrote:

This guy I like has one major flaw..he always is tugging at his crotch in public. I know lots of guys do this but this guy’s worse than Michael Jackson was in his videos. How do I let him know it’s a huge turnoff?


I don’t know why guys tug at their crotch or adjust their junk in public. Unless he is wearing tighty whiteys or boxer briefs (which no man should do unless playing sports or exercising), there is nothing wrong with letting things hang free in boxers and allowing some movement in there. Excuses don’t hold up either. Who the hell cares if it is “rubbing weird” or “stuck to” your thigh? Man up and wait until you aren’t in full view of everyone.

If he DOES wear boxers, he just never had anyone tell him that “adjusting his antenna” in public is just plain trashy. Tell him flat out that you think it’s a huge turn off…then wait awhile and see if things change. If they don’t, you’re better off staying out of the pursuit.