Cake recipe

Okay, we haven’t tasted the cake yet since its for Thanksgiving Day dessert, but I will run down the recipe. In addition to the gluten free chocolate box cake of your choice, you simply need a box of Jello brand chocolate pudding (you may want to double check for gluten or processing warnings on the box since some manufacturers occasionally change their practices). Prepare the cake batter according to the directions as you also prepare the Jello pudding on the stovetop. When both are ready, pour them together into a bowl and mix for a minute, then pour into the cake pan. Bake according to directions and enjoy! The cake should be more dense than the average cake, as gluten free cakes usually are, but it should be extra moist. I will comment tomorrow on how it went over with the family.

I will also share a few pictures of other dishes my family has prepared to be gluten free.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Cake recipe

  1. So…the cake was delicious! It turns out more dense than I thought (like a brownie or a moist muffin), but it tastes great! I apologize for not having more pictures of gluten free dishes as well. The turkey and mashed potato dishes were gf, and my mom made sausage and rice stuffed mushrooms that were gf, then my brother and his wife brought hummus, a bean dip and a salad that was gf. I am stuffed!

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