Pandora killed the radio star

Radio today is on a downward spiral. Stations can’t seem to break free of the top 40 (of whatever genre they play) format, and stations are quick to alienate a customer base and change formats rather than analyze what their listeners want and make changes to improve listenership.

That said, I listen to a ton of Pandora, but Pandora also has flaws in how it chooses music. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be listening to Pearl Jam, then Soundgarden, only to have my earholes then violated by Michael Bublé. I got sick of the oddities, so I set out creating my own station.

If you’d like to listen, search for “Alternative Radio 105” on Pandora (yes, I used a name similar to the radio station I once dj’ed for so people could easily remember it). Some people have found it easily and others have had to search a little deeper in Pandora’s search. Now the station can shift for each listener’s experience as they like or dislike songs, but it’s mainly a mix of alternative genre music with new music being added daily. If you like that one, I also created “Electronic Radio 105” and a few others. Feel free to “follow” me on Pandora as well. Let me know what you think! Happy listening!