Gluten difficultfree?

Shara wrote:


Is gluten free food even good? Is it hard to make? I read in your past posts that you are almost totally gluten free because of your fiancee’s issue, but if it tastes awful, I can’t see why you’d do it if you didn’t need to.


I don’t think you’ll find any manufacturer’s slogan to read, “It’s the gluten that makes it good!”, because gluten really doesn’t do much for flavor. Yes, it makes cookies and breads softer and oatmeal stickier, but that’s about it. I went gluten free at home because it’s safer for my fiancée and gives her one less thing to worry about, but I actually like most gluten free foods as well. To me, the pasta is better, the bread and cookies are good (I like Bittersweet Bakery bread from Eagan, MN), and its actually just as easy to cook gluten free as it is to cook normally. Yes, a few ingredients can be more expensive (bread, desserts, etc.), and restaurants van charge a bit more at times, but that also means I watch what I eat more often, which is also good. I don’t know why you assumed all gf food tastes bad either..most of it is just as good, if not better than the original (plus fruits, fresh meats, etc., are gluten free to begin with).

All in all, if it means my fiancée can lead a more comfortable and healthier life, I would do it just helps that Olivia and I enjoy the food as well.