500 days of Brad.

Michelle wrote:

I had a boyfriend for about 9 months and he left me. We were on and off for awhile after that and things finally ended when I caught him on a date with someone else. The problem is, I cant get over him. He was such a great guy and I never treated him any good, so I van see why he wanted out now, but now that I know why he left, he won’t come back and I can’t seem to move on. How do I fix this or learn to move on?


You didn’t treat him well, or so you say, but what makes you think it will be different if he comes back? Statistically, these self-destructive types of relationships don’t work (if the couple gives it a second try) because life changes..people don’t. You are better off moving on, deleting his number, not talking to him, and not seeing him until you don’t think of him regularly. He doesn’t sound like a great guy to me either if you caught him on a date with someone else. Perhaps the both of you are better off without each other. If you feel the urge to call him, go workout. If you feel like going to see him, head to the gym. With some discipline, you’ll be over him in no time, and you’ll be in great shape to boot.