..I’m still just a rat in a cage.

Vita wrote:

I have been dating this guy who flipped out last night during our first argument and really scared me. He punched a hole in his wall, threw his TV off of the stand, and even threatened to jump off of a bridge. We made up, but I can’t stop thinking that this guy has some serious issues. My deal is that for four months he was such a sweet and caring guy, and then last night, when I told him I was going to my class reunion (we have it in December for a reason) on a night he works, he flipped out. He started accusing me of cheating and went way overboard with the insecurities, then when I got upset and yelled back, he flipped on me and now is apologizing for it. He says it will never happen again, but I don’t know. What do you think?


You need to end this for your own well being. There is anger, and there is blind rage. This guy seems to have an issue dealing with anger and he turns it into rage. Rage is not positive or constructive, and as you saw, it is very destructive. The sweetness is gone now. Its time to leave.