Gluten Free (and crispy!) chicken strips.

I am always looking for new ways to prepare the “favorite” foods in a gluten free fashion.  I’m working on gluten free red velvet cake and gluten free Chinese dishes, but in the meantime, I managed to come up with an easy and delicious recipe for gluten free chicken strips.

You’ll need:

I was a little careless crushing corn flakes..see?

Chicken breast, cut into strips..


Three whisked eggs..



Erewhon corn flakes..the official cereal of Middle Earth.
Erewhon corn flakes..the official cereal of Middle Earth.

Gluten free corn flakes..

My oil has an eye on it..
My oil has an eye on it.

Oil (I prefer avacado or coconut varieties).

From here, it’s simple.

Pour enough oil to heat the bottom of a large frying pan and turn it on medium high.

Crush the corn flakes (3 cups) using a large plastic spoon or a flat bottom glass.  Turn the flakes into tiny chunks or powder.  Crushing them on a plate or in a bowl and not stomping them with your shoes is preferred.

Season the chicken with garlic, then sprinkle a little season salt, pepper, and Old Bay into the crushed corn flakes (this is where it gets messy if you’ve stomped them).

Roll the garlic seasoned strips in corn flakes, then dip them in the egg bath, then roll them in corn flakes again.


After the roll-dip-roll method, drop each strip into the hot oil.  Turn them occasionally until done on all sides, then remove (place on a paper towel to soak up any excess grease and to cool down).  Serve plain or with whatever gluten free sauce you like for dipping!  These make a great gluten free alternative to regular chicken strips and could easily be whipped up for any event.