That’s racist…?

As many of you know, there is a huge stink being raised by a few bowl game commercials (released early, as usual) that are portraying stereotypes for the sake of comedy.

In one, a Minnesotan guy has a Jamaican accent, and in the other, a middle eastern man is walking a camel in a desert.

The two commercials are being considered as racist, because:

1.  In the VW commercial, the Minnesotan guy speaks with a Jamaican accent because his car makes him have a sunny disposition.

2.  The Arab man is in the desert and not in a city.  And he has a camel.


What I can’t understand is why these two aspects are even remotely being considered racist.  The dictionary definition of racism is the “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races,” so I’d like to know where the hatred or intolerance was.

 The VW commercial is cute, positive minded the entire way through, and makes Jamaica the winner.  The government of Jamaica even ENDORSED the commercial (a wise choice in my opinion, because it makes Jamaica seem like a sunny and positive country), yet people in the US are upset about it.  Jamaicans or Jamaica were not at all shown in a negative light, so why are people here upset?
The second commercial takes place in a desert.  There are people who live in deserts.  It’s mostly Aborigines, Bedouin, Tuareg, American Indians, and even Asians, and people are upset seeing an Arab man (The Arabian Peninsula is in fact where some desert area is) walking a camel in the desert and seeing a Coke oasis.  I know, he could have walked a horse, but a camel is a smarter choice.  He’s an intelligent man, so don’t hate him for it.  Here’s the thing though:  He is an Arab living in the desert.  He’s one of almost 2.5 million people living in the desert region of the Middle East and Africa, so what’s wrong about that?
I find it more offensive that a busload of drag queens, a few cowboys/adventurers, and some post-apocalyptic biker gang was SO addicted to Coca Cola that they decided to drive out into the desert for one damn bottle. The Arabian man was in his native land and saw the Coke while the others (who could have easily gone to a gas station or Target before heading out into the desert) decided they needed to take this man’s Coke.  And yes, I know Mexican Coke is worth a drive, but not that far, and we’re not talking about delicious, glass-bottled, Mexican Coke.
If there was any racism, it was in the Coke commercial where they made everyone look stupid.  They’ll go after the Coke-asis (see what I did there?  I combined Coke and oasis..) and they’ll all die from their addiction to Coca Cola.  Idiots.