We are miracles

I read a recent news article about how CERN (look it up) scientists working with the atom smasher over in Europe may have discovered proof that one day our entire universe will disappear in a fraction of a second..like the popping of a balloon. That same day, I overheard someone say to someone else, “Every day is a miracle”.

Those two ideas seem contradictory to me. Now it’s true that both the universe and a day have much in common..they are filled with chaos, beauty, instability and peace, but we see the end of a day. We don’t see the end of miracles coming.

We also won’t see the end of the universe. It will all be gone in a blink. If there is a miracle we can see, it’s us.

WE are miracles. We can enter someone else’s life, and in an instant, be their light in the darkness of life. We can enlighten, we can love, we can enrich. We can be both the beauty and the chaos, the instability and the peace. We can, like the universe, also be gone in an instant but we can leave something everlasting behind. We are miracles and we should remember that with everything we do. We are all a part of this universe and we are more connected than some may think.