Trinity wrote:


I don’t know if you will think I am crazy too, but I talk to my plants. It all started after my husband died. He was the green thumb and I always killed the plants I had in my care. When he died though, the plants we had didn’t die, they kept growing. I think my husband is somehow with me through the plants, so I talk to them.

My friends laugh and say I am crazy, but I don’t think so. They aren’t being hurtful, by the way, I laugh about it with them.

Am I really crazy for believing it though?


I don’t think you’re crazy at all. We all have ways to cope with grief, and we all have things that happen in our lives with no real reason behind them. I don’t know if you’re religious, but it could be your husband giving you a connection from heaven, it could be a cellular connection, or it could be completely unexplained. Whatever the reason may be, you were able to move past your grief and grow as a person, just like those plants. Maybe it doesn’t need to be explained.