Time time time look what’s become of me.

We must be near beach bod season because I am getting a plethora of emails asking for tips to slim down and tone up.

Being fit, toned, or in shape doesn’t have a secret method..it just requires discipline and time.

1. Think about what you’re putting into your body. I am not going to the extreme “organic everything” side, but I AM saying think about eating healthy and good food over fast or large quantity food. Do you really need that Diet Coke? If you have time to hit the McD’s drive through, don’t you have enough time to grab a salad at a grocery store (or make one)? Most times, easy isn’t healthy.

Discipline carries over into your workout. I know you may get sore and you may not feel like working out, but go anyway. Work harder, push through soreness, and stay on track. If you need to, get a gym buddy or trainer to help you be productive at the gym.

Make time to eat well, make time for your workouts, and make time to relax afterward. Health is all about food, exercise, and adequate sleep.

It takes work, not secret fixes to get in shape.

Anyone can reach the fitness goals they set for themselves if they are disciplined.