This article (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2309981/A-quarter-men-want-partner-cosmetic-surgery-liposuction-boys-wish-list.html) was he basis of conversation the other day on the KTWIN morning show.  I have a love/hate relationship with KTWIN due to the fact that they interrupt perfectly good music programming with a three hour broadcast of a Twins game rather than leave those broadcasts to a sports station…but I am a fan of their Cane and Company (Cane, Rena, Perk) morning show (except Perk..he’s just annoying).  Anyway, the article they were discussing was reporting that 25% of men would like their partner to get cosmetic surgery.  Lipo was the highest choice, breast enlargement was second.  Rena, the only female in the bunch was upset by these findings and stated that she felt women weren’t as superficial and wouldn’t request the same from their men.  Kane said he understood why the findings showed what they did, but he didn’t agree.  Perk said he felt women should basically do more to stay “the woman that he married”.

Here’s my take on the article:

Once comfortable in a relationship, people sometimes “let themselves go”.  I’ve stated that my motto is “keep it tight, keep it right”, meaning we should always strive to improve ourselves for the better, no matter how comfortable we are in a relationship.  I feel we should always be pushing ourselves (not necessarily our partner) to achieve more in every aspect of our lives. We should strive to remain healthy and attractive, we should push ourselves professionally, and we should seek out healthy relationships with family and friends.  We “let ourselves go” because our priorities get out of whack.  We stop caring about something in order to accommodate the needs of someone or something else when we should really just do better at balancing all of our priorities.

Does this mean I believe cosmetic surgery is the answer?  Absolutely not.  The only way I feel cosmetic surgery should be considered is if the person getting it done comes to the conclusion on their own, without any influence from their partner.

A guy shouldn’t be asking his wife to get any cosmetic surgery.  If a guy feels his wife isn’t “the woman he married”, he should be looking at himself and his life to determine why he feels this way.  If he feels she “let herself go”, he should be motivating himself to push further in his own life and have a conversation to encourage her to join him on the journey, not ask her to get a nip her and a tuck there.  If she has “let herself go”, is there something missing in the relationship?  Does she feel unattractive for some reason?  Does she feel her partner puts more emphasis on his work than the marriage?  Are kids and work more of a priority than intimacy?  A serious conversation needs to happen in these situations, not a surgical consultation.  Realign priorities and everything else falls into place.  We owe it to ourselves to always strive to be the best we can be and the relationships we have with others is a part of that equation.