I am becoming less and less interested in streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and the rest.  Why?  They have a ton of crap I don’t want to see and only a handful of movies and shows I like.  Why would I pay $79 or more per year to watch two to three movies a month? Why are the titles I want to watch never available? Why does Netflix want me to watch old black and white movies instead of Tron Legacy?

What I’d really like to see is a streaming platform that has open movie/tv libraries, meaning the member can watch ANYTHING new or old, but they can only watch 20 to 30 movies per month and the tv shows have a commercial in them.  I know you Netflix lovers may have issues with that, and I am sure Cinemax and HBO would put up a stink for losing customers to a service with such a wide selection, but I am confident people would love this service.  I’d even pay $10 per month rather than $7.99.

What do you think? Am I striking a familiar vein with my concept?


Easy dinner

Want an easy dinner tomorrow?

You’ll need:
1 packet taco seasoning
1lb chicken
1 tomato, chopped
1 can refried beans
1 99-cent bag of cheese Doritos
1 bag of kraft Mexican cheese
1 Serrano pepper, chopped
2 cups minute rice, prepared

Preheat oven to 350
Brown chicken and mix in taco seasoning.
Mix in remaining ingredients (not Doritos yet) and add entire mixture to a casserole dish.

Bake for 15 minutes, remove, and top with the crushed bag of Doritos.  Serve and enjoy.

I’d show you pictures of the finished meal, but everyone dug in and ate the whole thing!

We CAN’T make the world stop.

Sivan wrote:


I have a issue I am hoping you can help with.  I am 19, and was really into Facebook for awhile.  I met this guy and we dated pretty seriously for a bit, but things cooled off and we ended up “taking a break”.  I found it too hard to log on to Facebook (we met through friends) and see his picture with our shared friends, so I deleted my Facebook.  I was off of it for about 6 months.  We ran into each other over the summer and talked for a bit and I got the urge to join Facebook again and ask him out (I didn’t know his number, he changed companies), but when I joined, I saw he was dating someone else.

Why would he talk with me if he was dating someone new?  Why would he just move on like that without telling me?  I’m new to the dating world and I realize this may all sound stupid, but I’d like some advice.



As much as we may like, time in the online world doesn’t stop if you aren’t a part of it.  You were with this guy and things were great, but life goes on after “taking a break”.  He obviously moved on and didn’t feel the need to share this with you because you were no longer a regular part of his life.  I can only assume that he didn’t notice you deleted your profile and he simply thought that you’d see his relationship change online, therefore making any conversation about moving on irrelevant. There is no rule or “social norm” dictating that you have to call an ex to tell her you’ve moved on, it just happens.

He talked with you to be friendly.  I don’t know what was said in that conversation, but I feel that avoiding you in that instance would have been rude, so he was simply being sociable.

Sorry to hear this is the experience you’ve had while being new to dating, but chances are, you’ll have a few more disappointments along your journey as well.  We all do..and then we find someone great.


Bouncing on grills

I haven’t ranted lately, but after this morning’s drive, I felt the need.

I was driving to work and stopped at an intersection behind a few cars.  The light changed green for me and I moved forward to make a right turn.  By that point a man had walked out of a nearby building and as I was turning, he walked right in front of my car (EVEN THOUGH he had a don’t walk signal) and slapped the front of my car, then said, “I’m walking here!”  I did everything I could to not get out of my car and teach him a lesson.

If I had to pick just one thing about Minnesota that I despise, it’d have to be the pedestrian logic in Minnesota. In 1996, Minnesota passed a law requiring drivers to stop for pedestrians crossing at a marked crosswalk and requiring drivers to stop at intersections where there is no crosswalk to allow pedestrians to cross.

For some reason, some Minnesotans took that to mean that they can cross the street at any damn point in the road (not just intersections as the law states) and cars are just supposed to stop.  Wrong.

Some Minnesotans also think the law means they can run out from a Target store and bolt across the crosswalk, right in front of cars already in motion across the crosswalk.  This is also incorrect..the law I referenced above says pedestrians must stop if a car does not have reasonable time to stop.  The law also says a pedestrian must not enter a crosswalk if a car is moving through the crosswalk and pedestrians must also observe any traffic/pedestrian control device if one is present.

“Traffic control device” for pedestrians?  That means you don’t cross the street on a “don’t walk” if cars are potentially coming through your intersection.

So I say to you pedestrians, don’t be an ass and I won’t bounce you off of my grill.  If I see you coming out of Target, I’ll stop if I can.  If I see you at a crosswalk or intersection, standing on the corner and ready to cross, I’ll stop.  However, if you’re jogging and ten feet from the intersection as I approach, YOU need to stop.  Don’t speed up, run in front of my car, and give me the finger for not stopping at the intersection, unless you want me to get out of my car and shove your Ipod up your cardio-loving ass.  YOU need to obey walk and don’t walk signs just as much as I do.  A green light is for ME, not for you.  You have the beepy warning thingy and the white/orange hands and the walk/don’t walk signs.  If you’re too busy looking at porn on Tumblr to see that you shouldn’t cross, don’t be upset when I use my horn to remind you that it’s MY road and YOUR sidewalk.  If I’m driving on your sidewalk, feel free to yell at me.  If you’re being disrespectful on my road, I’ll certainly yell at you.  We are both important (not self-important) and we both need to do our part to stay safe.


Anonymous wrote:


I can’t stand social network sites like Facebook or Pinterest and I’m beginning to feel like an outsider.  At least once a day, I hear someone mention something they posted or get asked if I posted any event pics (Christmas, 4th of July, birthdays, etc.,) to Facebook and when i say I don’t use those sites, people look at me like I am crazy.

I can’t be the only one waging war against social networking, can I?  Am I just an old fuddy duddy?



You don’t use social networking but you blog?  I guess I can’t complain about that. 🙂

To answer your question,’re not the only one, but you are a minority in today’s world.  I am certainly no Facebook addict or photo-posting addict that posts a picture every ten minutes, but I like sharing bits of my life with whomever wants to see it.  I also enjoy seeing bits of my friends’ lives as well.  It doesn’t consume my life, I don’t think about it on a daily basis, and (if they read my LG post) people know how I feel about Facebook as a phone operating system.  In my opinion, social is fine, but socialphobic and socialmanic are always going to get attention from others.

If you don’t want to use it, don’t.  However, if you don’t use it, don’t be frustrated by people that do (and don’t feel like they’re judging you).  There are two sides to this “social coin” and if you’re heads, you still have to be okay with tails.


LG Should stand for Let’s Go!

I got myself a new phone.  Bought this one..for free, thanks to Best Buy’s trade-in program.  It’s one of the best phones I’ve ever actually owned and I’ll explain why (and what it is) in just a bit.

Anyway, I looked at my phone on my lunch hour and was inspired to post something that’s been on my mind for a while now:  Why are phone manufacturers clueless about the people that buy their phones?

I say they’re “clueless” because, while shopping for a new phone, the salespeople bombarded me with statements like, “thinnest phone”, “sleek aluminum shell”, Facebook OS, and “many color options”.  I went for the phone that offered something that the others didn’t…performance and stamina.

I don’t care what the outside of the phone is made of as long as the phone is lightweight.  Over 75% of all smartphone users buy a case or cover for their phone, so why are phone manufacturers putting so much effort into designing “cool” phone exteriors?  No one will see it!  LG and Samsung have gotten the idea and designed their phones with a plastic or resin shell.  You get one or two color choices, but you also get more actual phone than the manufacturers that dump money into metal shells (I’m looking at you APPLE and HTC).  To me, a good case is worth every penny and I don’t even really care what that looks like, but I’d imagine some people do.  The only one I don’t really like is Otterbox because the damn cases make phones look like and weigh as much as a small car.

I’ve also got a beef with this new Facebook phone OS.  People already spend enough time on Facebook.  Why do we need a constant stream of what our friends are up to at our desks, at home, and now everywhere we go?  Are we really that lonely that we always need to live our lives through our friends food and concert posts?  It’s sick.  Use your phone’s Facebook app or go online.  You don’t need it fed to you.  Personally, I can’t see the point of constantly feeding information.  Windows Phones are excluded because it’s MINOR (pics of contacts update, a news blurb may come in, but you still need to go to apps to find more).

I’m not a person that listens to music or watches hours of TV on my phone either.  I’d imagine that if I took the bus in the morning, I may want to stream news or something, but it’s not on my mind these days.  I also don’t play video games on my phone.  I feel if your Xbox or PS3 can’t fulfill your gaming urges, you need a 12 step program.  I have a few piddly games like Angry Birds and stuff for Olivia and I to play when bored, but I don’t play the “pay” games and I can’t see the point.  What would really help me listen to music on my phone is the ability to wirelessly (via WiFi) sync my Itunes to my phone’s music player.  Apple’s inability to offer cloud stored music and the ability to do a once a week sync of my playlists on Itunes. I don’t want to stream anything without WiFi..but I WOULD listen to music if I could sync it wirelessly.

So you’re probably wondering what the most important thing I seek out in my phones is.  Battery life.  If it can’t last from sun up to sundown without a charge, I won’t use it.  I don’t care if it’s at 5% before I plug it in at HAS TO last all day.  The trouble with newer smartphones is that all of those little bells and whistles on the phones (Blink Feed, S Beam, Siri, location services, etc.,) drain the battery faster than you can say 4GLTE.

The first phone I looked at this time around was the Galaxy S4, but two different salespeople said it can drain quickly.  Same thing for the HTC One and the HTC First.  I tried the Galaxy S3 and that had me charging twice a day with moderate use.  The Samsung OS upgrade came and I was charging three times a day.  Frustrating, to say the least.  The phone I finally discovered was the LG Optimus G.


Before this phone, the only LG experience I had was a horrid three day experience with their 3D phone several years back, before 4G was mainstream.  The phone was so bloated with OS widgets and “features” that the battery lasted about 6 hours.  I took the phone back and got something with a better battery.  Fast forward to modern day and LG has realized that more and more phone owners want a battery life to match the phone’s performance.  After all, what good is an Android Jelly Bean OS without the battery life to truly use it’s features?

The phone is thin too, and looks nice inside of a case.  Out of the case is fine, but in the case is what counts.  I don’t want to feel like I am carrying around a concrete block.  I got a Body Glove case with the phone and it keeps the phone slim and protected.  The 4.7” phone screen is a True HD screen and it has Corning Gorilla Glass on the front, but I took the extra step and put a Zagg Shield on it.  I like to keep my phones looking like new to get the best trade in value.

It has a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Quad Core processor and can really keep up with my multitasking.  With Qslide, I can split the screen for better multitasking too! I can write blog posts while tweeting and taking a picture if I want and it never lags.  The camera is only an 8mp, but it’s a good one.  Pictures are clear even in lower light.  It even uses NFC and has a beam feature like the Galaxy S to share wirelessly.  The best part?  I use this phone constantly and am left with 20-35% battery at the end of the day.  LG’s Optimus G far exceeds my battery life expectations.

Middle of the day and I still have a good battery life.
Middle of the day and I still have a good battery life.

It may not have the billion gimmicky widgets, but it doesn’t need them.  This phone truly is a performer in its own right.  Other phones, you are on notice…Lg Optimus G is one hell of a phone to compete with.