Garage logic

Kiera wrote:

Sean, my husband wants to make a man cave in our garage.  The only problem is that he wants to use the entire garage!  I say no and he is quick to remind me that I have my craft room in the office, so he says he needs a space too.  If he moves in, my car moves to the driveway (winters are bad here in ND) and I dont like that idea.

What’s your verdict?



My verdict is to suck it up.  Winters are way worse in SD (I have lived in both states).

I kid, I kid (about the suck it up part).

I have never bought in to the idea that couples need to build a room (cave, pad, whatever) to suit their alone time needs for the point of reclaiming their gender-hood.

If you want some alone time to hang our with same sex friends, find some time and make some memories..don’t rely on having a gender specific room as an excuse to have quality time with your friends.

Guys, if your buds can’t watch the game at your house because it smells like potpourri, tell them its better than watching in their jock strap and wet dog scented basement.

Ladies, if your girls won’t come over for book club because your boyfriend has glued his nacho eating ass to the couch to watch the big game, politely remind him that if you’re not satisfied, he wont be either.

As far as your husband goes Kiera, tell him if everything in the garage is moved out for his man room, his tools go to the driveway too.  See if he relents.