1 cup of shut your mouth

Carlos wrote:

I had a situation happen to me a few days ago that I can’t stop thinking about, and would like to know your POV on it (not a deep as you usually go here but I thought I would share).

I was in my cafeteria at work and tried to get some juice from the soda fountain, but it had apparently run out, so I got water instead (also from the fountain). I paid at the cashier, told her I had water, and as I was getting my cutlery, a woman approached me and said in a judging tone, “I heard you tell them you had water. I saw you get it and its juice, not water.”

I was agitated and explained to her what happened.  I even opened the lid and offers for her to try it and confirm it was water, but she just walked away, shaking her head.  It doesn’t bother me that I was wrongly accused of stealing $1, but more that she just walled away thinking I’d gotten away with something. I keep thinking if I should say anything if I see her again, and I wonder what you would have done in my position. Thoughts?


You stated she wasn’t a cafeteria employee, so my thought is if she has enough time to play soda cop, she must not have enough work to do.  You were honest and even tried to confirm your honesty.  I wouldn’t say or do anything further if you see her in the future…she has no intention of ever believing you were honest.

If you’re working in a large company, chances are you won’t run into her again.  If you do, offer to buy her a soda, and fill the cup with water. 🙂