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Bouncing on grills

I haven’t ranted lately, but after this morning’s drive, I felt the need.

I was driving to work and stopped at an intersection behind a few cars.  The light changed green for me and I moved forward to make a right turn.  By that point a man had walked out of a nearby building and as I was turning, he walked right in front of my car (EVEN THOUGH he had a don’t walk signal) and slapped the front of my car, then said, “I’m walking here!”  I did everything I could to not get out of my car and teach him a lesson.

If I had to pick just one thing about Minnesota that I despise, it’d have to be the pedestrian logic in Minnesota. In 1996, Minnesota passed a law requiring drivers to stop for pedestrians crossing at a marked crosswalk and requiring drivers to stop at intersections where there is no crosswalk to allow pedestrians to cross.

For some reason, some Minnesotans took that to mean that they can cross the street at any damn point in the road (not just intersections as the law states) and cars are just supposed to stop.  Wrong.

Some Minnesotans also think the law means they can run out from a Target store and bolt across the crosswalk, right in front of cars already in motion across the crosswalk.  This is also incorrect..the law I referenced above says pedestrians must stop if a car does not have reasonable time to stop.  The law also says a pedestrian must not enter a crosswalk if a car is moving through the crosswalk and pedestrians must also observe any traffic/pedestrian control device if one is present.

“Traffic control device” for pedestrians?  That means you don’t cross the street on a “don’t walk” if cars are potentially coming through your intersection.

So I say to you pedestrians, don’t be an ass and I won’t bounce you off of my grill.  If I see you coming out of Target, I’ll stop if I can.  If I see you at a crosswalk or intersection, standing on the corner and ready to cross, I’ll stop.  However, if you’re jogging and ten feet from the intersection as I approach, YOU need to stop.  Don’t speed up, run in front of my car, and give me the finger for not stopping at the intersection, unless you want me to get out of my car and shove your Ipod up your cardio-loving ass.  YOU need to obey walk and don’t walk signs just as much as I do.  A green light is for ME, not for you.  You have the beepy warning thingy and the white/orange hands and the walk/don’t walk signs.  If you’re too busy looking at porn on Tumblr to see that you shouldn’t cross, don’t be upset when I use my horn to remind you that it’s MY road and YOUR sidewalk.  If I’m driving on your sidewalk, feel free to yell at me.  If you’re being disrespectful on my road, I’ll certainly yell at you.  We are both important (not self-important) and we both need to do our part to stay safe.