I am becoming less and less interested in streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and the rest.  Why?  They have a ton of crap I don’t want to see and only a handful of movies and shows I like.  Why would I pay $79 or more per year to watch two to three movies a month? Why are the titles I want to watch never available? Why does Netflix want me to watch old black and white movies instead of Tron Legacy?

What I’d really like to see is a streaming platform that has open movie/tv libraries, meaning the member can watch ANYTHING new or old, but they can only watch 20 to 30 movies per month and the tv shows have a commercial in them.  I know you Netflix lovers may have issues with that, and I am sure Cinemax and HBO would put up a stink for losing customers to a service with such a wide selection, but I am confident people would love this service.  I’d even pay $10 per month rather than $7.99.

What do you think? Am I striking a familiar vein with my concept?