I’m turning 35!

I turn 35 on Tuesday, June 11.  When I started this blog, I was a few months from 31.  Over the last 4 years, this world (me included) has changed quite a bit.

4 years ago, the Iphone was revolutionizing the phone industry and becoming a thorn in the side of the popular Blackberry.

4 years ago, asking for a cider at a bar got you a Strongbow, if you were lucky.  I was introduced to Crispin that summer.

4 years ago, I hadn’t heard of celiac disease…or gluten.

4 years ago, my daughter was going into 1st grade in fall. This year, she’ll be in 5th.

4 years ago, I was running 3 miles a run, three to four times a week.  Now, I’m lifting 3-4 times per week and running 6 minutes per workout.

4 years ago, my grandfather died.  I am still discovering what a great man he was.

4 years ago, I visited my friend Kris and his wife Amy in Nebraska. No one should ever consume as much scotch in one night as I did.

4 years ago, I was unhappy in my career with Northern Tool. Now, I’m with my current company and I love it.

4 years ago, I was answering mainly advice from an overwhelming number of readers.  Now, I’ve scaled the advice back and I’m getting more requests for product reviews, and I have time to be more introspective.

4 years ago, I’d never heard of Amazon Kindle.  Now, I’ve published a handful of books there.

4 years ago, I spent most of the year dating.  This year, I’ll be married.

4 years ago, a gallon of gas was $2.73 on average.  An average new house cost $280,000 (it’s about $185,000 now).

4 years ago, Michael Jackson died.

4 years ago, a Harry Potter movie was the top selling movie of the year.  I’m going to bet that this year it’s Iron Man 3…or The Man of Steel (this year’s Superman flick).

4 years ago, H1N1 was a big deal.

4 years ago, netbooks were a big deal.  Ipads hit in 2010.

4 years ago, I had more hair on my head..but not much.

4 years ago, I wasn’t a homeowner.  Now, I’m moving to house number two this month.

4 years ago, I’d never cried at a movie.  This year, I saw “ Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud” and broke that record because the boy reminded me of my daughter.

4 years ago, my radio DJ job had been done for a year.  The station turned to a crap format of 70-80’s love songs.  Now it’s a crap Sports Talk format.

4 years ago, I didn’t know about any of you.  Look where we are all now.

Thanks for being such loyal readers over the years, whether you’re a new one or long time reader.  You are all amazing and I am glad I could share this journey with you.