I’m Flipping out!

As a former radio DJ, I have sampled my share of headphones and earphones over the years, so I feel I know good sound when I hear it.  Flips™ HD Headphones/Speakers are certainly a leader in good sound.  I’ve spent as much as $400 on headphones, but these take the cake.

What are Flips™ you ask?  Flips are an impressive new concept in sound that allow the wearer to listen to the music by themselves in a headphone style, or listen to them socially by flipping the headphones outward which turns them into a great set of speakers.  It’s this Solo2Social design, coupled with HD sound that makes Flips™ such a great investment.


When I opened the box, I realized Flips™ are a headphone that spares no expense to give the listener the best experience.  Inside of the box was a cool clamshell case complete with clip for hooking on to a backpack for on the go listening.  When I picked it up, I was also surprised at how lightweight the clamshell was with the headphones inside.   The clamshell case has a clip for easy transporting on a backpack too, so they could easily be a good source of airport or school entertainment.


I opened the clamshell and found the headphones packed neatly inside, along with the USB cable for charging the 500mAH battery that provides the “Amp’d Sound” experience of Flips™.  The headphones are a sturdy build too.  Unlike some overpriced “designer” headphones, these don’t feel cheaply constructed.  No clicking pieces or clanking around here..just an all around solid pair of headphones.  They folded out easily for my first listening experience.



The memory foam padding around the headphone speaker is a snug (but not uncomfortable) fit.  It adjusts easily to fit many different head sizes and it does a great job of blocking out exterior noise.

My test for headphone sound quality is “Spitfire” (the Kill the Noise Remix) by Porter Robinson.  It’s a dubstep song that has some pretty heavy bass drops in it along with a very sharp chorus in the song.  If a headphone can’t pick up the four different parts of the first drop in the song, I wouldn’t use them.  Flips™ were put to the test and I realized there are actually 5 parts to the drop! I’ve listened to them for a week straight and I am finding more depth to my favorite tracks daily.


Olivia wanted a listen, so I gave her a shot to hear a few of her favorite songs using Flips™ and she was pretty impressed.  She said, “this is what a concert must sound like”.  I told her it was awfully close.  I also managed to impress her by flipping out the headphones and turning the Flips™ into speakers.  She said she’d use that more than the actual headphones.  I guess that is what is so great about Flips™..you can use them by yourself or out loud and they always provide a great listening experience.  Whether at work, at school, on the go, Flips™ are a good investment for anyone that loves quality sound and the ability to share the experience.

Flips™ are available at www.FlipsAudio.com and at your local Wal-Mart.  More stores coming soon!

6/11/13 UPDATE

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