Album Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a full album review, but here’s one for now and I have a few more coming this summer.  This album isn’t new by any means (it came out in late 2011), but I recently discovered it and thought you might like it if you’re a fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


The Jezabels are a 4 piece Australian band that put out some moving, intense, emotional indie rock.  Their album Prisoner hasn’t achieved a ton of commercial success here in the states, but their songs have been used on shows Like Grey’s Anatomy and True Blood.  My favorite two songs from the album are “Long Highway” and “Catch Me”.  “Long Highway” is more of the lovelorn type of song about loss, while “Catch Me” is a more upbeat track about dancing and moving to what you’re feeling inside.

All in all, the entire album is fantastic.  Check it out.  It’s also on my station on Spotify E99.9-Fresh Alternative. Search for it.