Hand bologna

Help me!
I’ve found a woman that’s perfect for me!  We get along great and we are inseparable after only 6 months of dating.  The only problem is that her hands get SOOOOO sweaty that it feels like I’m holding a warm piece of bologna.  I don’t think she’s nervous anymore (like I said we’ve dated for 6 months now), but I can’t understand why she’s so sweaty either.  Any ideas as to how I can calm her down and slow the sweaty palms?  I really like her but it’s getting kind of odd holding her hand.
I’d say it’s more hyperhidrosis than nerves.  Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating (usually, hands, face, feet, or armpits) caused by a number of issues.  Chances are, she’s aware of it and may be self conscious of it.  I’d recommend approaching it from a friendly perspective (i.e., When she grabs your hand, say, “Are you nervous?” and let conversation take it from there) and letting her come out with the information she has.  If she doesn’t know about hyperhidrosis or has never been aware of her sweaty palms, this type of conversation may turn into a bigger one so just tread lightly.  If you really like this girl, don’t let something like this bother you.  There are bigger issues we face in relationships than sweaty palms.  How we handle the little issues is often times a good indicator of how well we handle the big ones.