What I’m rocking out to..

After a few emails asking what music I’m listening to these days, I’ve decided to list a few videos of songs that have heavy rotation on my Ipod.

1.  “Rise and Fall” by Adventure Club

2.  “Second Lives” by Vitalic

Driven focus music.

3.  “Overjoyed” by Bastille

Sort of “Imagine Dragons”-ish

4.  “Cascade” by Hyper

Good gym tune.

5.  “Dance the Way I Feel” by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

Fun and catchy.  I’m surprised this isn’t blazing on every radio station by now.

6.  “Timeless” by Airborne Toxic Event

Good band with a great new song.

7.  “Long Highway” by the Jezabels

Moody and dark.

8.  “Nightdrive with you” by Anoraak

80’s coolness.

9.  “Masterpiece Theatre III” by Marianas Trench

Sounds like it could be a broadway play song.  One of my favorite bands.