Radio Days

Hallie wrote:


I am a huge fan of your music posts.  I don’t know where you find the music you do but it’s amazing.  Almost every song or band you’ve recommended has quickly become a favorite of mine.  The songs strike emotional points in me, the lyrics speak of things I feel many people could identify with and I really think this music should be more widespread than it is.  Why don’t radio stations play this stuff?  You were a DJ, what do you think?  Why do I need to hear Phillip Phillips or Imagine Dragons 20 times a day or be subjected to One Direction when there is THIS great stuff out there?



Thanks for being a fan of the music I post about.  I am what I call a “digger”.  I love digging around on the internet for new information (music, news…and lots of stuff) so I come across these bands while digging on Spotify and Pandora and I dive deeper into their albums to find out more music and bands I like.  Think of it like the movie Inception…I find a band within another band’s album that I found while listening to one single song.  If that one didn’t give you a nosebleed thinking about it, I applaud your willpower.

Whether it’s the Jezabels, Moi Navarro, The Alpines, Love Is A Story, or Royworld, I try to stay ahead of what’s being overplayed on the radio…which brings me to the answer to your questions: To me, radio stations are stuck in their own vicious circle.  They sell ads when people listen, so they play music that people like, but unfortunately, not everyone who likes songs like the Lumineers’ “Hey Ho” is listening when it plays twice a day.  So, radio stations (in an attempt to get people listening), play that song every hour so more people hear it.  Personally, that song makes me wish I was born deaf (no offense to those of you born deaf…you lucked out on not hearing that song).

The catch is, this “TOP 40” idea of playing the top 40 songs in your station’s genre is ancient.  Back in the day, people didn’t always have the radio on and they certainly didn’t carry around sources of constant access to music.  Songs these days are overplayed by the time they get to the radio because people hear them on commercials, TV shows, Ipods, Pandora, XM, Spotify, THEN the FM radio.  Radio stations wonder why they’re losing listeners when it’s obvious…they are following an old formula rather than looking forward for new music and variety and a focus on being cutting edge.  The only thing I listen to the radio for is my morning show fix.  Dave, Falen and Steve, you guys make a morning drive worthwhile…most days. Here’s my Spotify Alternative Station playlist:  Hopefully you find even more good music there.