Lay off me, I’m starving!


Can you help me?  My roommate keeps eating my food in the house and even though I’ve confronted her about it several times, she just keeps sneaking it then denying it.  It’s driving me crazy! What do I do?




Have you caught her red-handed at all?  Does your roomie have a boy/girlfriend that could be the culprit?  If you haven’t caught her red-handed, technically you only have suspicions that your roommate is eating your food.  If your roomie has no bf/gf that could be eating the food instead of her, you DO have a little more logic pointing to her, but it’s still suspicions.  

This may seem extreme, but what about setting up a video camera of sorts and telling her you’re looking to figure out what’s going on if she truly feels someone else may be the issue?  I think I’d start there and monitor how the food theft goes from that point on.  If you think that may be a bit much, I’d suggest having another friend mediate the conversation between you two and seeing what happens. 

Of course, on a more serious note, your friend may also have an binge eating disorder and may be purging as well, then denying it’s her eating your food because she doesn’t want to be discovered.  All of this will come to light with constant monitoring, conversation (with mediation), and showing her you care.

Finally, if she’s just an inconsiderate person, she may just be munching your food out of spite.  In that case, kick her ass out.