New Tab at the Top

So I finally gave in and added a tab at the top of the reader screen (next to the “Home” and “About Minnesodad” Tabs).  It’s my Amazon wishlist.  Over the years, various people have offered to buy me gifts and things for birthdays, holidays, celebrations, etc., and with the upcoming wedding, I thought I’d add this for anyone wishing to send me anything now or in the future.  None of you ever HAVE to buy me anything or donate any money via the PayPal button on the right side, but if you do, I’ll thank you publicly for your generosity.  My friends and family have the wedding registries to work from, so this one is for the non-family/friend readers.

To those of you that have offered gifts over the years, I’m sorry I didn’t have a list planned out.  I’m a hard guy to buy for. I rarely think I NEED anything until I actually need it.  I’m working on that.  Putting THIS list together took almost two weeks.

Thanks for reading,  more to come.