I do.

So today’s the big day.  Olivia is with the bridesmaids getting all made up, the groomsmen are all up and primping (pimping?) themselves up, and I am alone in my motel room, awaiting “go time” to head to the church.

While a marriage is essentially a union between two people, its is also much more than that to me.  To me, its also a celebration of the relationships that have inspired you to get married in the first place.  Maybe its friends that share a wonderful life together or parents that have been married for 35+ years, or a grandmother who remembers her late husband like he is still with her..whatever inspired a person to commit their life to someone else should be celebrated. 

Our friends and our family (old and new) will be with us today as we say our vows.  As the words “I do” pass my lips, it will do so because of the inspiration others have provided to us over they years.  Because of them, we can commit to each other and start the new chapter in our lives..as husband and wife, and as a family of three with Olivia.  Hopefully she, through her mom’s wedding 5 years ago and ours, will also find inspiration in love (years down the road, I hope..).