Seahouse Maui


The Seahouse Restaurant in Maui is an experience everyone must have in their life.  Located off of Napili Bay in the northwestern corner of Maui, this jewel of an establishment sits on the the calm waters of the bay by a golf course, the Ritz Carlton, and the Napili Kai resort.  

The service was excellent from the start.  We showed up early for our dinner reservations (they start dinner at 530 and you’ll want reservations), and they seated us at the bar tables, which have a direct side view into the bay.  Steph and I had a few drinks and were informed that our table was ready, so we made our way to the dining area.  The server pretty much took it from there.  We informed her we’d be eating from the gluten free menu and she not only noted it, she offered some recommendations as well.  Steph and I ordered the same meal (mine was from the regular menu) and she said it was actually the same meal, they just use a dedicated GF menu (probably to show how seriously they take it) for the non-gluten folks.  She swung Steph’s meal as my meal and got us each a free salad and dessert (mango sorbet, which she also said was gluten free).

The meal was excellent.  Steak, prawns, fish, veggies and potatoes were perfectly prepared to our liking.  Steph found the sorbet a bit sweet, but it hit the spot for me.  The entire experience was capped off by excellent service.  Our waters were always full and we didn’t once have to wait to order a drink.  The prices were excellent too and I am surprised that this restaurant seems to be a GF secret in Maui.

Cap the night off with watching a beautiful sunset on Napili Bay and you have one excellent night on Maui.  If you want to make a day of it, you may even choose to snorkel in the bay or take a drive along North Maui and find some hiking spots to the ocean.

A big thank you to the staff at Seahouse.  You made it a great experience.