Masterpiece of Musical Theatre

Why am I such a huge fan of the band Marianas Trench?

I first heard their song Celebrity Skin in 2009 and then caught a clip of Acadia.  Both songs really struck a chord with me and I began to dive deeper into their albums.  On Masterpiece Theatre, there are three songs titled Masterpiece Theatre (I, II, and III) and they seem to weave a tale of heartache, hope, and resilience.  I have been listening to their newer album Ever After, and from the title track to the end of the album, it’s another amazing set of songs.

I’ve also caught their videos…and this is what blows me away.  They tell a really good story.  I’ve lined them up in order below and hopefully, you’ll be as amazed as I was after seeing them all.

it finishes with this:

I thought it was absolutely brilliant.