Micro Touch One-derful..

I have had beard stubble since I was 15.  At 16, I was in the hospital, bedridden for ten days after having an appendectomy and I grew a beard so righteous that a girl I was in most of my high school classes with, had trouble recognizing me.  I even rock the stubble now and again.  Some ladies like “The Statham” look from time to time.

I AM trying to be a little more clean shaven these days though, and I have to say, its tough choosing between groceries or a 4 pack of my razor blades.  $15.99 for 4 razors?!?  No thanks.  I am also not okay with the billion-blade razor theme that seems to be popular these days.  I just want one or two blades that don’t clog up after one shave or rip my whiskers out of my face.  I want a shave.

This is where the MicroTouchOne razor comes in.  The MicroTouch One razor is a modern take on the classic one blade safety razor and it gives a single blade shave without the high cost of multi-blade razors.  It’s made from solid brass, them chrome plated, it’s easy to use, and it gives one great shave.  It even has a twist-open butterfly top that allows you to rinse the blade when you’re done to keep the blade lasting longer.

This thing has a nice weight to it.  Some serious craftsmanship went into the design.
This thing has a nice weight to it. Some serious craftsmanship went into the design.

When I took it out of the package, the first thing I noticed is that it had a really nice weight to it.  It wasn’t feather light, but it also wasn’t too heavy.  You can definitely feel the weight of the brass and chrome.

CAM00020The next thing I noticed is how many blades it comes with.  My average multi-blade razor lasts about two weeks until it’s clogged and this thing came with 12 blades.  Even if each blade lasted about 2 weeks, I was looking at nearly a year’s worth of shaving in one pack.  I’ll get to the price in a bit.

The blades are THIN but strong.
The blades are THIN but strong.

I spun the twist piece at the bottom of the handle and opened the butterfly top to insert the blade.  To my surprise, the top opened with very little effort and the blades easily dropped into place.  With the razor loaded, I closed the top and started my shaving test.


Locked and loaded.
Locked and loaded.

I had been growing my “beard” for almost a week, which with a multi-blade razor, would mean plenty of razor-to-face snags and a clogged blade within minutes.  The MicroTouch One shaved right through the whiskers and I was able to easily and comfortably shave one half of my face within a few minutes.

Sorry about the closeup.  I was fresh from the shower.
Sorry about the closeup. I was fresh from the shower.  One side bearded, one side shaved.

In the end, I was left with one of the best shaves of my life.  The razor allows for a precise and smooth shave that is unlike any other.  That isn’t to say it was a perfect experience though, a few things I need to get used to are:

1.  There is no “moisturizing strip” like the multi-blade razors have, so I had to reapply shaving cream to areas I’d shaved if I felt they needed a touch up.

2.  A single blade doesn’t require much pressure when shaving like multi-blade razors sometimes need.  I didn’t shave lightly in a few places and ended up with minor irritation.  This is easily fixed by remembering to shave lightly next time.

3.  This is a single blade safety razor, but it’s still a razor, so I will always need to remember to load the razor by holding the blade on the side.  Safety first.

So how much does something like this cost?  Good news..it’s only $19.99 for the razor and 12 blades (and case)!  Just go to www.ONErazor.com to order.  It’s a steal of a deal.