Ain’t tall its cracked up to be

I was listening to the Dave Ryan radio show this morning and they were discussing how women are height-ists and don’t go for guys shorter than they are.

Now, I am 6ft 2in tall, and 225lbs of sexiness (depending on who is rating that), and I have only dated one woman taller than I was.  She was 6ft 3 (so 9 feet tall in heels) and once stated that she had dated TONS of guys shorter than her and things didn’t work out for one reason:  The shorter guys always let other people’s perception and their own insecurity get to them.  This woman went on to say that she would brush off weird comments and looks and even stand up to people that actually made comments about her preferences in dating a shorter man.  The relationship usually went sour when the guy she was dating started making comments and being overly sensitive about how people looked at them.  I even polled 22 single women from my facebook page and asked them about their height preferences in dating.  16 of the 22 said they’d date a shorter guy if his personality was right, while 6 said they felt height mattered more than personality.

That said,  there are some women that simply prefer to date taller or bigger guys.  My wife, for example, has not dated many bigger guys like myself, but she hasn’t dated many people shorter than she is (she’s 5ft 9in) either.  She simply doesn’t want to feel like she could pick her guy up and carry him home.

My wife aside, there are plenty of women that don’t have a problem with the height..they just have a problem with the lack of confidence.  If you’re a shorter man that is typically attracted to taller women, don’t let your height get in the way of things.  If it’s a problem for some women, those women for you.  If you find a woman that doesn’t have a problem, it really ISN’T a problem, so don’t let it stand in the way of getting to know her.

Meeting ANY woman, regardless of height, is simply a confidence issue and you either have confidence or you don’t.  You don’t need to be a douchebag, but be confident and take note of what you have to offer someone.  Whether you’re 5ft 3in or 7ft 1in, confidence isn’t  measured by height, it’s measured by personality.