Just friends

Michael wrote:

I told my friend Angela that I liked her more than a friend and that I wanted to tale things further, but she told me she just sees me as a friend.  The trouble is now we don’t seem like friends anymore and she avoids me at school.  How do I keep her as a friend now that she knows I want more?

I think sometimes that kind of information is too much for anyone to process, especially if the other person has seen you as a friend for so long.

I would start by letting Angela know that even though you told her how you felt, you still would like to be her friend and that you won’t let things get weird.  If that doesn’t work, I would recommend giving her space and time to process things.  Maybe she will contact you when things are okay on her end.  In either situation, be aware that she may have permanently disconnected from the friendship if things were too much for her to handle.  If that’s the case, you should move on too.