Supplement Review #1- MHP

As far as the gym goes, I am a big fan of weights.  I have no desire to be GIANT, but I want to be in good shape and have it be noticeable.

Undoing 20 some years of unhealthy living isn’t easy and I need all of the help I can get, which is why I strongly believe in supporting every healthy lifestyle with supplements.

Supplements can be everything from vitamins and amino acids to protein and thermogenics/fat burners and, while not every product works for every person, I truly believe we can all find products that work for us on an individual level.

I am starting the reviews by reviewing a few products from MHP (also known as Maximum Human Performance).  I have been familiar with their some of their products for years, so it was only natural that I started with them.  The three products I am reviewing are a protein (beef and egg), a recovery drink, and a fat burner.

The protein..


Like whey protein, beef protein is a fast digesting protein and is a good source of BCAA’s. Beef protein is also a good source of creatine which helps increase muscular energy and leads to gains in strength and size.  It is best to take beef protein in the morning or around your training.

Egg protein is a medium digesting protein and a great source of BCAA’s and arginine.  It also has a high bioavailability (which is basically how well your body can use it) and comes in various forms. You should take it post workout or between meals.

Paleo Protein is a mix of both beef and egg white protein with no artificial sweeteners or flavors made from pure grade beef and egg white protein isolate.  Its gluten free, fat free, lactose free, and sugar free.

Oh yeah..the Paleo Protein Triple Chocolate flavor is also delicious.

I mixed the first batch with water yesterday and gave it a quick vigorous shake in my shaker.  It mixed right up.  The water made the consistency a little more watery but it tasted great…almost like Yoo Hoo in my opinion.

They're best friends!
They’re best friends!

This morning, I made my morning shake with Paleo Protein.  I used milk and added a banana and peanut butter.  It thickened up with the milk and banana and tasted great.  My wife tried hers without peanut butter and thought it was okay, but she added some peanut butter and thought it was much better.

All in all, Paleo Protein is a great tasting, easy mixing protein that is perfect for after a workout or for a breakfast/between meal protein boost.  The gluten free and lactose free aspects also make it safe for many more people than a whey-casein blend.

The recovery drink..


Dark Matter is one of the coolest supplements I have ever taken.  Its a “post workout and muscle growth accelerator” that uses a protein synthesis technology along with creatine and specialized waxy maize to form a great recovery formula.  This thing is a beast, plain and simple.  Its packed with amino acids and a recovery blend like no other.

Dark Matter makes a great recovery drink because it has fast and slow digesting carbs along with creatine and protein, which will spike insulin levels post workout and help protein absorb in the body better. I fully expected it to be like many “recovery drinks” on the market with little actual recovery results, but this one far outweighed my expectations.  This is a perfect drink for anyone looking for good muscle size or an efficient recovery after a strenuous workout.

Does this give me super powers?  Kind of feels like it...
Does this give me super powers? Kind of feels like it…

Now, I said it was one of the coolest supplements for a reason.  This stuff mixes up THICK if you use less than 20oz water.  I used 12oz and wound up with a mix like alien goo. It was gelatinous, but drinkable, and I liked the color and flavor too.  Many blue raspberry flavored drinks taste awful, but MHP nailed the flavor without making it overpowering.  Its also not extremely filling either, which makes for a great drink for the drive home after the gym.  I will definitely be taking this on the post-workout drive home for quite some time.

The fat burner..


I haven’t been a huge fan of fat burners over the last few years because of the high stimulant ingredients some manufacturers use to burn the fat in the person taking it.  I tried ephedra products back in the day and they made me moody.  Since then, almost every other one I’ve tried has made me jittery or caused a caffeine-type crash later in the day.  This is NOT the case with Dopamite.  Dopamite raises energy and promotes focus, but really doesn’t cause the jittery, “cracked out” feeling that some fat burners do.

Dopamite works by balancing the dopamine levels in the brain which can, in turn, control overeating and snacking and promote a positive mental attitude (something that can be difficult to do when your whole body hurts from a workout).  It’s an innovative way to help people lose weight and I can appreciate it because I don’t get the jitters when taking it.  Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

There you have it.  The first review of fitness supplements.  MHP is a great brand and has some obviously great products.  I am always impressed by the gym results their products promote and I look forward to seeing more innovation from them in the future.  Check out their website at  I’d rate the MHP experience a 9.