Supplement Review #3 BEAST Nutrition

BEAST Nutrition is a product line that has a very hardcore appeal, but overall, it left me unimpressed.  I sampled the Amphetalean Fat Burner drink powder, the BEAST Mode PreWorkout, Creature Creatine, and the Aminolytes BCAAs.


First off, the name leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I felt like I was in Breaking Bad taking this product.  The name just doesn’t do it for me.  Other than the name, the drink powder did nothing for me.  The flavor was decent, a TANG-like orange flavor that mixed VERY well in water, but the aftertaste made me want to eat paint to get the nastiness out of my mouth.  There was also no energy boost from this product whatsoever.  All in all, I was left disappointed.


The name is nice, but this was by far, the worst tasting of the group.  Pink Lemonade tasted nothing like lemonade and left an aftertaste in my mouth that took an hour to get out.  It didn’t mix well, even with good shaking, and there was also no energy boost from this PreWorkout either, which made me feel like I wasted a trip to the gym.  I guess with a name like that, I expected more.


Aminolytes actually had a decent flavor (but a weird heat burn in the throat while drinking it though) that I enjoyed.  The BCAA Mix was good too, and the fact that it’s mixed with electrolytes makes it a bonus.  I took this after the gym and realized it’s a good mix of aminos and a decent dosage.  All in all it was a good experience here.


Creature Creatine
This was the best tasting of the four.  I mixed it with a creatine free pre-workout I had on hand and hit the weights.  I only had one serving, so the long term effects are unknown, but I thought it mixed well and tasted great.

With two hits and two misses in the BEAST lineup, I was left unsatisfied.  They also process in an environment that process wheat, so also a no-go for celiacs.  On a ten point scale, I’d rate the BEAST experience a 6.