Supplement Review #4 Top Secret Nutrition


I am a huge supporter of pre-workout supplements.  Every single one I have tried just works in kicking my workout up to the next level.  The problem with many of them is that they wear off halfway into my workout. I also like to live life and go out to eat once in awhile but it can be tough on the digestion. Top Secret Nutrition has two products that can help. 

Attack the weight rack

I tried TSN’s “Pump Igniter” and realized this was no ordinary pre-workout drink.  Not only does this drink kick up my workout performance, the boost lasted all of the way through my workout.

Packed with electrolytes, beet root, black pepper extract, L-Citrulline and Beta Alanine, along with Choline Bitartrate, Picamilon and a good measure of caffeine, this is a formula that certainly delivers on its name.

Just a side note, the beta alanine causes a tingly effect in your skin, which I love, but its not for everyone. For me, if I can feel it, I know I can work harder. Try the one scoop dose before graduating to the two scoop dose.

Happy Thanksgiving to me!
The second supplement I tried was the “Cal-Trim 1000” supplement. Heading into “Eating Season”, we all need whatever help we can get.

Cal-Trim 1000 isn’t a stimulant centered fat burner or a basic diet pill, it is a three pronged approach to supporting weight loss, affecting calorie absorption, and maintain healthy blood sugar.

There are 3 main ingredients in this product.
1. NeOpuntia, a 100% natural lipophilic (fat attracting) fiber made from the dehydrated leaves of the Opuntia ficus-indica cactus. Research has suggested that NeOpuntia has fat binding properties.

2. Innoslim, a proprietary, all-natural, plant-derived compound extracted from highly fractionated Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus (an herb used in eastern medicine for over 200 years)

3. White Kidney Bean Extract, which plays a key role in the digestion of starchy foods.

Together, these three provide a great approach to breaking down starchy and fatty meals. I have taken them before and after every meal this week (since getting the product) and have noticed that even when eating restaurant meals, it reduces the “stuffed/bloated feeling” that adults can get from high fat or high carb meals. So far, this product has been more than I could have hoped for.

Top Secret Nutrition also has a whey protein I may review for you, but the two products above definitely made me a believer in the quality of the TSN product line.