Hard gains

Felipe wrote,

Thanks for the supplement reviews bro. I just got into weightlifting after becoming quite the fatty in college.  Its nice to see there are so many good products out there.  I’d love to see more reviews if you ever do some.

Anyway, my question is, I am looking to gain serious muscle, but I am having issues with my fatness getting in the way.  How do I gain muscle AND burn fat at the same time?



Many people would say this theory of gaining muscle and burning fat is impossible.  There are serious weightlifters that would also say this is COMPLETELY possible if you plan and carry out your plan correctly.

Let’s start with the building block of muscle..protein.  To get some muscle density, you need protein.  To get muscle size (from amino acids), you’ll need more protein.  Start with 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.  You don’t have to chug shakes all day either.  Try lean meats, chicken, fish, nuts, cottage cheese, and yes, protein shakes.  Watch out for sugar and unnecessary toppings.

The next thing you need is proper carb intake.  Complex carbs and high fiber foods are ideal here, but don’t go overboard.  Aim for 4 low carbs days per week, and two medium to high carb days.

You’ll also need fat.


Yes, you need fat for your body to produce hormones properly.  Healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil, olive oil, natural peanut butter, and eggs are a great addition to any eating plan.  Your ideal fat intake should be 20-30% of your total calories.

Put this all together and you have all of the ingredients for a “gain and burn” plan.  Keep your workouts strong (4-5 days a week with two days heavy cardio and 3-4 days of weights), add some pre and post workout supplements to keep your body ready to work, and get some good sleep.  Lack of sleep can contribute to cortisol production which can mean extra pudge around the midsection.

Work hard and let me know your results!



My Christmas Wish for you.

I’d personally love to buy all of my readers a tablet, but, seeing as how no tablet maker could afford to give away that many tablets, I’m giving you a “wish” instead.

My wish for you:

When a celebrity, sports figure, or some random person on the internet decides to speak their opinion (and assuming the opinion isn’t directly hateful or threatening), my wish for you is that you simply refuse to “give a sh*t” about it.  If a religious nutjob wants to misquote scripture, let him look like an idiot.  If a senator wants to Tweet his “I’m sexy” mirror-pic, don’t look at the pic.  If a celeb rants about how stupid something is, let it go.

2013 is the year that everything became a massive e-backlash.  People all across the internet became enraged at things that didn’t even happen to them directly.  They started boycott campaigns, they participated in hateful email campaigns, and they simply put their nose in where it didn’t belong.  It’s not our fault as citizens of Earth to right everyone’s wrongs.  If someone makes a mistake, it doesn’t need to be news (there are WAY more important things out there).  If it didn’t happen TO YOU DIRECTLY, take all of that time you’re spending getting upset and composing a nasty email and put the energy into something positive and productive.

We all want to be involved in things, I get that..but if our involvement is simply to jump on a bandwagon of negativity and hatred, we should all be taking a good hard look in the mirror and figuring out why we feel the need to be a part of things like that.

Take this into 2014.  Stop making “flaps” about everything and just let idiots be idiots.  Quit making everything a bigger deal than it should be.


P.S.  If you’re looking for a gift for me, the Amazon Wishlist is above..otherwise, I need more K-Cups for my Kuerig and some Deschutes Chainbreaker beer.  🙂

Season of giving

Anonymous wrote:


I’ve been dating a woman for about 9 months and she asked me to spend Christmas with her and her daughter now that we’ve become serious.  I’ve met her daughter a few times and we seem to get along well.  My question for you is, do I get her daughter a present or just buy one for the woman I’m dating?  I don’t know what to do and I’d hate to make the daughter uncomfortable either way.



If your “serious” statement about your relationship means that someday you may be this girl’s stepfather or it means that you’ll definitely be in her life for the coming years in some way, then yes, buy her a present (something you and her mom know she’ll enjoy).  If by “serious”, you meant you and the mom are now intimate and the daughter has only met you three times in passing, I’d still say yes, buy her a present (but make it something fun and light or a gift card).  It is never any fun to be the only one around the tree not opening presents, so I’d try to make sure she can enjoy those moments with you two as well.

And on that note, I’d also recommend that every reader do what they can to donate to a needy family or a family in your neighborhood that may have fallen on hard times.  Make someone else’s Christmas brighter this year.

Merry Christmas!


This is a post about puke.

This may be too much information for some, but for those few, you must be new here..

I just got kicked in the butt by the flu.  It was a one day vomit fest that has left me wondering about the part of the flu I hate the most..puking.

Yes, tossing my cookies, raplhing, blowing groceries, chundering, yelling at the ants, barfing, hurling, flashing hash, having a liquid laugh..whatever you call it, it is by far the worst part of the flu for me.  Some may wonder why that would be worse than the chills, fever, or constant severe body ache, and I wonder if we all puke alike. I know we don’t…at least I hope we don’t.  For me, that is BY FAR the most painful part of it all.

When I vomit, it’s a full body reaction.  I grip the toilet, because I feel as if my abdominal contraction will hurl me into orbit if I don’t hang on.  My knees often leave the ground as my abdomen forcefully contracts and I imagine I look like a bucking bronco with its head stuck in a toilet.  As a result of this contraction, my ribs will also hurt for up to a week after even one vomit and I find it hard to take deep breaths for quite some time because of the stress put upon my abdomen and rib cage by the event.  My knees often end up bruised as well.

I also burst blood vessels in my face every time I vomit.  Even the tiniest puke (can’t remember when it was a tiny puke) will cause tiny red dots to cover my face (hairline down to cheeks and sometimes neck) and head (including neck and shoulders).  They aren’t raised bumps..they are tiny remnants of burst capillaries, and they can take a week or two to fully disappear.  It’s especially bad around my eyes.  I also have a semi-blackout when I vomit and I can remember grabbing the toilet, but don’t remember anything until the next abdominal contraction.  If there are 6 contractions, I’ll remember each one, but nothing in between, unless there is a larger time gap.

I can puke with no result.  I once puked for 8 hours straight and at one point was vomiting black flakes of things after the first 6 hours, then I just vomited air for the last two hours.  All of that pain was for nothing.  I can also eat nothing (like this most recent flu day) due to nausea and puke up everything.  I think I even upchucked my brother’s Bionic Commando Game Boy game and some old socks at one point.  It was strange.

So anyway, I hope this post didn’t make anyone do a “rainbow yodel” themselves, but I wanted to see if this is a common occurrence or if I have some sort of cookie-tossing superpower that needs to be investigated.  Please post comments below.

Is he or isn’t he?

Courtney wrote:

I am worried my boyfriend may be cheating on me.  He is going out without me most times now, and when he is out, he won’t answer his phone because he says its not fair to his friends. He also won’t tell me where he was or what they did.  He also stays at his friends’ places several times a week now and it bugs me.

We have dated for a year and this just started happening 6 months ago.  Let me know what you think. I would hate to just throw this away.


I would bet my left toe that your boyfriend is indeed cheating on you.  I would also bet my left toe that you’re either in denial or you are the most naïve woman alive.

His going out and not letting you come, his not answering his phone while out with “friends”, and his refusal to tell you what he did while out are three red flags that he is either cheating on you or doing something major he doesn’t want you to know.  The fact that its been going on for 6 months and he is sleeping away from home makes me lean more toward cheating theories.

A relationship only grows with communication and trust and you can’t build trust and communicate if he won’t let you spend time with him.

I’d lay it out for him and let him know things aren’t working for you the way they are going.  Ask him to either come clean as to why he won’t let you come out (and ask that you be allowed to come along on future outings) and tell him that keeping things from you is inappropriate and you won’t tolerate it any longer.  If he blows you off, its time to be proactive and get out of that situation.

Good luck.

Supplement Review #7- About Time

About Time is a product line for the healthy and the health-conscious alike.  They are gluten free, lactose free, and sweetened with Stevia.  On top of that, they make the best tasting protein I have ever had.


With flavors like “Cinnamon Swirl”, chocolate, vanilla, banana (Olivia loved it because it tastes like REAL banana), strawberry, and Pumpkin Spice, this is definitely the protein for people that like a gluten free protein that is also delicious.  Its also sugar free, has NO growth hormones, and packs 25g of protein per serving.

About Time is more than just protein, though..they also have creatine (mixes SO well!), glutamine, Aux (a great tasting pre-workout that isn’t loaded with junk), granola bars, and meal replacement bars.


With every single product, About Time has impressed me.  Go here to order sample packs and full size products.  If you give them a try, I am sure you will agree its the best flavored protein out there.

We are done with the reviews and there you have it..some of the supplement products I have tried and some that I would recommend for those of you on the track to a healthier lifestyle.  Feel free to give any of them a try and let me know what you think!



UPDATE:  I received word from About Time that if you log on to their website and enter the code “NATURAL” at time of checkout (no quotations), you’ll get 20% off of your order!!  Enjoy the savings!

Supplement Review #6- Muscle Gauge Nutrition

Protein is an ever necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.  I strongly believe in protein supplementation as a healthy way to meet the “.08 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight” rule to maintain healthy muscle mass.

Whey protein is my first recommendation for post workout (egg and beef are second), but you should know that not ALL whey proteins are the same and many taste like garbage or are loaded with unnecessary sugar/additives.

Muscle Gauge Nutrition American ISO and Pure Isolate proteins deliver a gluten free and delicious protein powder with none of the extra garbage that some proteins have. How delicious is it? It is easily one of the best tasting protein I have ever had in every single flavor I tried. Rocky Road tastes like rocky road ice cream, cinnamon bun tastes authentic, vanilla is a dream, and chocolate actually tastes like chocolate and not like cardboard! The only one that isn’t gluten free is the Ice Cream Sandwich flavor, but it is delicious.


American ISO gives a solid 22 grams of protein per serving and Pure Isolate is giving your body 25 grams of pure whey protein isolate per serving, and at only 110 calories per serving, its an easy decision to choose these proteins over others. On top of that, its also got a great blend of amino acids in each serving and it blends easily with both milk and/or water.

All in all, these are one of the top three protein brands I have ever tried in both taste and mixability. You can even sample some of you’d like to try it without buying a huge container first. Just go here to try a 6pk for under 10$. Its a great way to find a flavor you love. you can go here to try their American ISO samples too.


Just one more review to go everyone!